Let's Meet After the Thunderstorm

사진: 정영조
사진 정영조
Fixidy, qualified meaning, the individual person, and romanticism, 2021
Installation view, 2021
사진: 정영조, 허지혜

The pandemic had brought back colors in the gray city in 2020. It was shocking to see the transparent blue sky stretching for days without the interruption of micro dust. Sky used to be tinted in yellow and gray. During the pandemic, I was seeing different shades of greens everyday which was both confusing and inspiring.

In studio, my aim with the work was to make the color green. I mixed shades of blue and yellow acrylic paints directly on the stretched hemp. The immediacy of seeing the freshly mixed colors felt incredibly satisfying. I also reclaimed various materials from personal accumulation, especially papers. Papers from life (ex. tickets, pamphlets, receipts, official documents and letters from the past…etc.) became molding materials. I worked more days in a week than ever. Paper takes time to decompose and a very long time to dry. But time was the only thing I had for free. Time right now. Not the future time or the past. But the current, every day time that we go through with our body.

The resulting work became something reminiscent of hand-drawn nature. It was presented in a brightly lit, white space in a basement gallery during the winter of 2021. The exhibition was accompanied by slow composition of computer music. I made this music from field recordings recorded in Seoul during the past few years. I manipulated its speed and colored it with computer toy instruments. I think the sound of toy instruments set the tone of the space as slow, hand-made, and artificial.