This video is made with images of the works (Green #s) from my exhibition, Let's meet after the thunderstorm (2021). Each one of the hundred and eleven Green #s is composed of two parts; and the parts are each made in 5 and 6 different stages before they were ultimately put together and numbered. I sometimes feel like going round and round in circles when I’m making multiples, but also evolving each time around. Things do not end up exactly the same again; I don’t always do better on the next one. But I believe things do evolve eventually for the better.
Music and video by Jiieh G Hur.

Let’s meet after the thunderstorm (nap), 2022
This video is shot in the exhibition space of Let’s meet after the thunderstorm, my solo exhibition in 2021. One of the sound tracks from the album, Wednesday (2021), which was playing in the exhibition room was slightly altered to fit the contents of the video.
Music and video by Jiieh G Hur

Music by Jiieh Hur and Yoonkee Kim from the album, 47, 2020Video by Jiieh Hur